Identity Illustration Signage

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2018

Heritage Celebrations 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of George Town being recognised as an UNESCO heritage site. Appropriately themed “Of the Past, In the Present, For the Future”, the event touches on the future potential of both tangible and intangible heritage of George Town, while embracing the traditional culture, arts, crafts, music and wisdoms of local communities.

ForReal Studio led the main design team with event identity, key visuals, illustrations and applied to design deliverables include posters, flyers, advertisements, billboard, brochures, name tag, T-shirts and environmental graphic design items, covering backdrops, banners, streamers, photo-op props and way-finding.


George Town Heritage Inc.




Brand Identity, Signage & Environmental Graphic Design, Illustration


Kwok Jin Xin, Ong Lyn-Hui, Tan Wah Chew, Lim Tiong Eng