George Town Heritage Celebrations 2016: Mai Main

Mai Main

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2016 Event Branding
Heritage Celebrations 2016 took place on July 7 to 9, featuring over 20 types of traditional sports and games of local communities in George Town as the event’s theme.
ForReal Studio is honoured to be their main design team behind all major design deliverables, including event identity, billboard, invitation card, posters, print ads, flyers, brochures, stickers, name tag, T-shirts and environmental graphic design items such as backdrops, banners, streamers, game station IDs, and way-finding.
To bring out the excitement of all these action-packed activities, we use pop art as the main art direction with contrasting bright colours, paired with motion lines and loads of polka dots and halftone patterns.

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George Town World Heritage Incorporated

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